Census 2021



The national campaign launches on Friday, February 12, followed by all households receiving notification of the census towards the end of February. Households will then receive their Census Unique Access Code in the first week of March. When households receive their access code, they can immediately complete their questionnaire online. Paper questionnaires can be requested - though some households (for example: in digitally deficient areas or where householders have been noted as elderly) will automatically receive a paper questionnaire.  Homecarer's guidance, answers to questions and a timeline are attached.

Due to lockdown, there will be many people who want to support friends, families or individuals who are isolated or shielding in their communities. There is a Census Support Line which will be fully operational through and beyond March. However, should a 'trusted friend or carer' want to support an individual that is possible too.

'Homecarers Guidance' notes are available to download which can help act as a prompt for those living with or working closely with those who might need some support. Please circulate these notes to those who would benefit from them.  

A timeline is also available for your information which helps demonstrate the countdown to Census Day and beyond and a Your Questions Answered leaflet.

Time line for Census