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Farnborough Village Street Lighting

Having had feedback from the residents that street lighting was a necessity for safety and security purposes, the Parish Council undertook, alongside Warwickshire County Council (WCC), a full audit of the existing street lighting in the village. Much of the lighting, whilst in working order, was obsolete, showing signs of decay and in need of replacement.

WCC responded to a brief from the Parish Council with a proposal to use heritage light columns with a Victorian lamp or a standard black metal pole with an LED lantern – there was no difference in terms of lighting efficiency between the two options. They also suggested re-siting some lights where mature trees had started to block lighting.

The Parish Council have decided to follow a 5-year, rolling replacement programme using the standard metal pole/LED lantern option – residents are able to ‘pay the difference’ to upgrade the specification to the heritage column/lamp option if they so wish. The cost of the programme is about £37,000.

Priority has been given to replace deteriorating and the most obsolete lights first – these include the two lights in Haypool, the existing light in Ducketts Lane (to be moved up the hill to opposite the entrance to Haypool) and the two remaining mercury lights in the village. The plan also includes addition of two new lights, one just across from Highfields and the other in Ducketts Lane opposite the first entrance into Haypool.

We plan to have the first 5 replacement lights installed in the new financial year. Progress updates will be given at the bi-monthly Parish Council meetings.